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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Hey Mommies!

It’s been a while and I assure you that I have been nothing but booked and busy! Between being a mom, working as a nurse during a pandemic, and trying to be a decent wife (LOL), your girl is TIRED! I actually had to take a quick break from my master’s program, but I will be back on track to start this fall! Anyway, that’s enough about me. Today is Sunday and I have decided it is time to relax and take a break from cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, and attending playdates! Today is MY day, and I am here to remind you all on how important that is! I am also going to be realistic and let you all know that I am having a “ME” day, while my toddler is right next to me LOL. But as you all know, where there is a will there is a way!

First things first! I am ordering in brunch! Cooking breakfast would entail standing over the stove, staring at my toddler as she feeds herself and dirties up my floor, followed by standing over a pile of dishes. This is far from a relaxing task. Therefore, I decided to look up the best local breakfast spot and order in for my entire family. Pricey yes, but definitely worth it!

Next on my list, is finding myself a movie to watch during my daughter’s nap time. Usually when Payton first falls asleep, I jump into mommy action and attempt to clean, fold laundry, and get all of my personal work done. Today, I am simply going to sit down and get lost in the fictional plot of whatever movie I decided to watch! This may also be a time for you to read a few chapters of a book you have had sitting on your nightstand for the past few months.

Now usually, when Payton first wakes up from her nap, I let out a sigh that signifies the end of my personal freedom. But today, I am placing her straight inside her stroller with a snack and taking a thirty-minute walk. We currently live in a community with a park very close by, so I love taking Payton there in the afternoons! She can run around and let out all of her energy, while I sit and catch up on some casual reading. Sometimes I even get to have adult conversations with the other moms at the park who are trying to catch a break as well LOL.

The evening is when the real fun will begin! I already have a face mask and my bath bomb ready for my relaxation time in the bathtub! Oh, and don’t forget a playlist of your favorite music. Some of my most recent favorite playlists include 90’s R&B, John Mayer essentials, and WizKid essentials (these favorites change on a weekly basis!).

Overall! Find time for yourselves mommies and don’t feel guilty about it! Our kiddos and partners need us to be happy and healthy! I hope you all find some relaxation time in your days today!

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