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Holiday Season 2020 Guide

Well guys, I know Christmas 2020 is looking a little bit out of the norm, but I am here to share with you some of the things my family and I did to keep up the Holiday cheer this year…

1) Go overboard on the household holiday décor!

We are all spending extra time indoors these days, so what better way to feel the holiday spirit than to spread it around your entire home! We bought our first pre-lit tree this year and enjoyed decorating it with Christmas music blasting in the background. My daughter is now 14months and definitely enjoyed placing ornaments on the tree (as well as taking them off lol). Stockings were hung on our new mantle we bought from Wayfair to add some coziness to our home, and of course the mantle was decorated with the cutest little Christmas trees I found at Target and my nativity scene. I also went ahead and ordered holiday pillow covers to place over the pillows I already had in my living room! My husband definitely loved this idea over me buying new pillows all together. Other fun décor items I used were Santa figurines, elves, and a train that movies around my tree. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do it as a family and have everyone take part in the fun! Oh yes, and do not forget to top off the decorating with the lighting of a holiday- scented candle!

2) Drive-Thru Christmas Light Experiences.

I am not sure where all of you currently reside, but I have seen a great amount of families enjoying the Holiday lights drive through experiences throughout the country this year! I currently live in south Florida and we attended Santa’s Christmas Spectacular. I am almost positive that the event was one of the best experiences Payton has had during her 14 months of life! We packed snacks and hot chocolate and enjoyed the lights and live dancers that came close to the car to interact with my daughter! She clapped and laughed in amazement at all the Christmas characters including elves, drummers, the holiday princess, and of course Santa himself. At the end of the drive-through portion, we were able to enjoy a variety of food trucks and photography stations for Christmas family photos!

3) Create a Christmas Eve Box

This is a new tradition I am going to start this year with my family and I hope to carry it on every year from now on. The Christmas Eve box is simply a box filled with essentials needed to see in Christmas Day! I decided to create one for both Payton and my husband because he is definitely a child at heart! Inside the box will be Christmas Pajamas, a pack of hot chocolate, a list of Netflix holiday movies to choose from, popcorn, and other tasty snacks! As Payton grows older, I plan to add cookie dough mix to bake cookies for Santa, as well as Chex mix to leave as reindeer food. I think this idea is amazing because you can individualize each box with each child’s favorite thing as well as decorate the outside to customize it and make it extra special!

4) Read a Special Holiday Book

Most young children, especially my toddler, truly enjoy reading the same favorite book every night. Payton usually likes for me to read “Goodnight Moon” right before bedtime. Now that it is the holiday season, I have changed things up a bit and decided to read “Twas the Night before Christmas” as part of the bedtime routine. Payton truly enjoys the photos and the rhyming words, so that she can take part in the storytelling as well. Although she is only 14 months old, I am hoping that this book can become a yearly Christmas tradition that she grows to love!

I hope you were able to get a few ideas from this post on ways to enjoy the holidays with your family! Please feel free to comment any other ideas or traditions you and your family may have! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE <3

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