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What's New with ONE?

Sorry for the long time away, but I just wanted to update all of you and let you know I have officially made it a full year as a mom! Although I was beyond excited to celebrate my baby girl, I also wanted to make sure I celebrated my husband and myself for making it through this journey so far. Things have surely changed drastically since I first brought home little P, but the amount of happiness that exists in my home is immeasurable. To celebrate Payton’s birthday, I threw a small family gathering at home with an amazing theme that I will share with all of you in a future post. But for now, I wanted to share with you guys some of the fun family things we have been able to enjoy with a ONE year old!

1. Outdoor family grilling sessions.

Manny and I currently live in a condo, but we are still able to take advantage of a nice day and have a small family barbeque. We love to invite over our close family and friends and enjoy the company while we grill on the balcony. We play music, enjoy music, play games, and enjoy easy meals such as chicken and hotdogs. Payton surely does love the company and I don’t even have to worry about packing a baby bag! Remember to use paper plates and plastic cups so the clean up is quick!

2. Park play-dates!

Payton is a social butterfly and has attracted many friends during our walks at the park over the past few months. Now that she is walking, park time has turned into one of Payton’s favorite field trips! I love to pack a blanket along with snacks and drinks for our family to enjoy, while I allow Payton to roam around and play with her ball while she waves at all her friends. It is also a great way to tire her out in the evening prior to bedtime!

3. Going to the ZOO!

I always loved animals growing up, and it seems as if I have passed that love down to my daughter! The zoo is such a simple trip to take with Payton because she remains in the stroller almost the entire time as she observes the animals. It is also a great learning experience as she repeats the names of all the animals I point out to her.


I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous about taking Payton to the beach because I was nervous about her trying to eat the sand. Luckily, the only thing Payton ate that day was the snacks I packed for her! We had an absolute blast spending time in the water as she learned about the waves and even saw some fish! I brought her beach toys as well, and she laughed as we dug holes to put the toys in. Just be prepared for your car seat to be filled with sand, as well as your entire child’s body!

I hope you guys are staying positive during this crazy 2020 year! Just remember, there are still safe ways to have fun with your families!

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